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I wrote this at 210 days free
Maybe this isn’t for you. Perhaps you aren’t ready for discipline or a change of scenery. I know you, and I know what you can do, but perhaps you don’t know you.

I am 210 days clean today. The highest rank is mine, always was. I knew it from the moment I stepped foot in the barracks. But many of you will struggle and creep and lurk in your porn shadows, I know I did for years.

I want to jar you a little. Conquered Self wants to test you and see how far you are willing to go. Some people come back over and over again asking for help, needing advice, seeking the newest technique. Ever notice how all the nofap techniques are just things that normal, powerful people do? In other words, the technique you need is to change your life around. You start by the small everyday habits and eventually you end up as a new person.

It doesn’t happen right away. Sometimes you go backwards and down that dark pit for a long time. You are shooting for too high a goal and miss, get frustrated and fall. Everyone does it, it’s fine, maybe you aren’t ready. Maybe you are just a normal guy who wants to breeze through life and take it easy. Get a job for someone, sit in the back of the class, go unnoticed and hope to not make any noise. Maybe your wanting to be nice and non confrontational, get on everyone’s good mood so you don’t have to ruffle any feathers. If you are not ready to change, then you might as well accept it.


What do you mean NO? You haven’t shown me anything that says otherwise. You have made no posts, no goals, no success stories, no attempts, no fitness plan, no diet change, so why should you or I believe otherwise?

There is no book that works out for you. There is no food that lifts the heavier weight. There is no time that works best. There is no person that gives you, only you, that one opportunity. YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT. You have to stop time and make it your own. You have to move, NOW. The strength you need lies right there within. The weight waits to be lifted, it will not schedule itself for you. There is nothing you can’t do.

So maybe you are ready for change. But maybe you aren’t. There is really only one way to find out. You stand up, put your chin in the air and decide once and for all what happens next. Tired? Too bad. Hungry? Good. Frustrated? Keep trying. Is that wall too high? Is that book too thick? Are you really the physical body?

What did you think? This was going to be easy? If it was, would you still want to do it? I hope this never gets easy. If it does, I’m moving to somewhere where shit is hard, all damn day.

Stop reading. Make your plan in writing and live the life you were supposed too.


Thank you. This. Am I really motivated? YES!


This post is the best thing I can ever read. Life coaching post :heart:️:muscle:t2:
Thank you champ