To the Owner


Can we be serious now ?
Its 2019 now… About time we we come to realise that even though people are rich or some have parents that are rich, we just don’t feel like paying 10$ … You may ask why ? I would say that I don’t have a bank account because I am chick in a nest… Plus i am embarrassed to ask my parents to pay for NOPMO . True!! Instead I would agree on paying through mining. If you have been to “fitgirl repacks website” … She has set up donation and under that she has cryptomining … So people just click on that and start mining with their phones laptops PC’s !! I think it is cloud mining and lemme tell you SHE also had trouble running her servers . Man if there was a mining donation I would do it all day . Because then I won’t have to ask my parents for monezz to quit pmo and if I even ask them they will lick me SO hard I won’t even know what pmo is(quite cheaper option here eh ?).