Adhd - Day 2


It said I couldn’t post 3 time’s in the same topic bc I’m a new user - lame but here bc @bulAsel has given me motivation (thanks bro!)

4 hours early but I have adhd and will forget if I don’t check in now. Day 2 starting @ 7pm. Day 1 and 2 are such breezes but I ain’t never going back. Ever.

I ended a text relationship today - time to focus on myself, get organized, goto dentist and start to be my best self again! Using the time I’m getting back to get ORGANIZED

Will check in tomorrow! Around dinner - it ain’t worth to take the easy road. Walk uphill a bit and take the HIGH road.

Best y’all


You have the right attitude. Your motivation is actually helping me overcome a “plateau” were I feel like taking a PMO break. Thank you peace and success


I also have bad luck and small injuries in the days after as extra incentive to never go back. Good to hear I have helped anyone on any day. Takes 21 days to form new habits and I’m 1 day deep already. 5% there. Peace and success to you too - ain’t no breaks, it’s about consistent behaviour and a different lifestyle.

Peace and good vibes only.


Stay focused and keep pushing bro!


Thanks bro - will be a week deep after the weekend.

Stay focused on the good things and real beauty life has within!

We obviously feel better with a clean lifestyle!

Day 3 lets go!! Considering having someone over on Monday a relapse as I usually try for hard mode!

Lets go stay focused and positive happy vibes bro’s