Announcing: Conquered Self + Heir Academy Collaboration


Hi all –
With Pierce’s blessing, I have a proposal for you: use our Heir Academy platform (Discord server & Reddit) as a training ground to ensure yourself a great performance in the next CS NoPMO war.

While the Heir Academy is as an independent program (not part of the commercial Conquered Self package), with agreement between myself and Pierce, the Heir Academy is being made available for all CS soldiers to use as a supplementary support system keep themselves fresh, sharp, and accountable, especially in the ‘downtime’ between CS wars.

The Heir Academy presents a comprehensive approach to self-improvement that builds on the core principles of self-discipline, group accountability, and consistency.

We use a rank-based system in which users can gain points and improve their rank by participating in their choice of disciplines: abstaining from pornography, taking cold-showers, physical workouts, practicing mindfulness, and even tweaking the smaller parts of their daily routine, such as practicing gratitude or cleaning their living space.

The end goal is to broaden the practice of self-discipline in every area of life. Our ranking system is comprehensive, so you can push for and eventually see results across the board. Everything is free and you can participate as anonymously as you choose.


Direct link to our Discord server:


Awesome! I am in! :wink:


The name of the group is now Freedom Academy and the Reddit site has been retired but the group is bigger than ever and Discord link is good.