Balancing Barracks with Older Login Members


I’m very appreciative of the CS Site and all the hard work that goes into it. I know it isn’t a perfect science to balance teams, but I would suggest when assigning to make sure that there is a balance of people in a barrack that haven’t logged in for 1 or 2+ months. While I realize some could return, these are often phantom users in that they registered once but have long forgotten. I think it’s fine to include these as members, but I noticed some barracks have a lot more of these “haven’t logged in in awhile” members to start the war. And imho, this puts some barracks at a disadvantage right from the start.

Thanks for the consideration.


Practicing my statistics a bit - I measured the day 1 MIA rate vs. how many older logins there are per barrack. Not surprisingly there is a direct correlation between # of older login users and MIA rate. The r-squared is 0.87 which in my rusty stats knowledge means that # of older logins users has a strong correlation with initial MIA count.


I see. So thats why spirit was going so strong last war.


Really nice analysis! This has a very obvious effect and is visible in the active soldiers today!