Cancel subscriptipn


Hi I am paying monthly for the premium and need to cancel. However whenever I go to manage your subscription in settings it goes to an error page. Please help thank you.


Hey I’m so sorry! We’re facing a bug. Do you need help to cancel your subscription?


Yes - obviously. That’s why I wrote on the battlefield and here now over three weeks ago. I get the 500 error message on the subscription site, so I posted here. and today i found the invoice for next month. This is really not cool man.


My sincere apologies! the bug finally got fixed today so you should be able to manage your subscription without seeing that error page. Anyway, I’ve refunded your recent transaction and cancelled your subscription. Thank you for trying out the premium subscription, it truly helps me pay for the site related expenses and my developers. Very sorry once again for the inconvenience…


@mainer345 your subscription was also cancelled on Nov 8th.