Day 1: Support?


Hey, y’all. I plan to check in here every day. I’ve dealt with PMO for 11 years; essentially half my life. (I’m 22) I don’t want to waste my potential as a man. Would you all be willing to support me and walk with me on this journey? I began 10/9/2021 at 8:00 pm EST. I plan to check-in at the end of every day. I will beat this addiction.


Ofcourse, everyone here is willing to support you. We are all on the same journey to quitting PMO, to not let it chain us down further anymore. There was never any enjoyment from it, there was only pain and suffering. It was like willingly putting ourselves in pain, and for what? Nothing. Remember this everytime you get an urge, and if you want go ahead and read this book that explains this concept further: We will beat this addiction together, brother.


Hey man, it’s the same story here, different time though… It’s 4th June, 2022, I’m 22 too, and I really wanna get over this thing already… Also need support