Day 1


Day 1


keep going!


Checking in and staying focused on my purpose and goals. Thank you to everyone who is dedicated to a no PMO lifestyle like myself.


Day 35, 5 weeks looking for some more like minded people is this the place?


You have found the right place. We are looking for some willing leaders, you are being relied upon as there are many growing weary and isolated. The community needs your zeal! Peace and success


Thank you for responding brother, I was growing worried that this community had fallen and I was sifting through the remnants. Hearing from you gives me hope that this community is still alive. My journey has been long and hard to get to this point but it has been some of the most rewarding 36 days in years. I want to stay accountable and to have another community to keep pushing forward with. Peace and success to you too brother. PMO is no match for our combined strength.


It’s my day one too brother
We can do it
Let’s put a plan for passing this first day and our plan will be updated for every single coming day :wink::wink: