Do people check in even when they have relapsed?



Do people check in even when they have relapsed just to win the war against the other barracks? How can you be sure that someone does not cheat?


It is an honor system. People likely do not do that, because the largest prize that you get from winning is the intrinsic benefits, you don’t get anything external. So if they cheat just to win, the only person they are actually cheating are themselves.

Be honorable. Be a noble person.

There is no benefit, nor dignity, nor respect in cheating in a game meant for SELF IMPROVEMENT!!!

Hope this helped have a good one


I don’t think that people do that. Fighting PMO first begins with some honesty. You being honest with yourself that you have a challenge that you’d like to fix. When you start lying to yourself, well you just shot yourself in the foot and took yourself back. What we do here has a lot to do with honesty, if you can’t be honest to yourself, what are you doing here?


at the end they’re just cheating themselves, this all about improving oneself and lying about your own progress won’t do you any good.


i think the enormous guilt related with PMO don’t let their conscience to lie(at least this is the case with me) but yeah their might be some who will always cheat… at last no one cares about winning war but one must care of his/her own self as this will benefit him only…