I’m new here :) (my personal journal)


Hello everyone!
I’m so happy to find about this website, I just took a journey here to find out what it’s all about…
I LOVE the Idea of this community and I’m so happy to be a part of it.
Well I’m on my Journey of No PMO
I want to be a better version of myself without the addiction of porn and masturbation
I’m going to conquer myself here with you my friends.
Hope I find good support when I need it, and I will support anyone who needs me for sure.
I’m writing this just maybe to read it in the future.
I started my journey on 17/8/2021 at 6:00 AM
It’s good to put a time so I can track my streak correctly:)


In 7 minutes my first day has completed
I’m feeling well
Going for a day to the beach now 🥰


Hell yeah brother keep it up! You’re doin awesome.


I will try not to talk about my urges here, ignoring them these days, but mostly at night I have some
When I look at a hot picture of a girl in social media accidentally, being hot for me is related with masturbation or even porn.
This is not normal i want my body to react for this however it does but I don’t think about this. This will happen when I’m done from this addiction. And I will.
I noticed that if something made you sad or mad or angry it’s getting little harder.
I have to be careful of my goals in this time.


I don’t have to sign every day here until the war starts
I prefer getting involved in my days and not counting every single day at least in the first 3 weeks the hardest.
So the day I’m not speaking here it means I’m fine and the streak is just fine too.
I will talk about my feelings more than the number.
I started to apply 123 rule too in my life and it feels amazing to control such things in life like waking up whenever you want
When the alarm rings
123 wake up
Wake up get of the bed go to the bathroom and watch your face in the same time don’t hesitate or count to 4 instead


I completed my first week yesterday!
I am very happy for this
and waiting to complete my second
I think the war will be started by then…


Unfortunately counter has been reset to 27/08/2021 6:00 AM


A relapse makes you more wise and more aware of what gets you, build yourself back up and remind yourself why you started. I know exactly how you feel right now but don’t let it get to you. You don’t fail until you quit. You got this my brother.


Day five checked :white_check_mark:


First week completed :white_check_mark:


Hi all I am also new here I have been dealing with PMO since 2004 AND ITS been really tough for me to quit completely I meditate journal and read books on semen retention. I managed to go at lease 1 week without pmo then release days later into the 2nd week. I know I can do better


Hi, How you feelings now?
Maybe you must watch all of video from Mr. Skandinavian Bab on youtube :grinning: