I'm new, now how do I enlist in a certain war after I have already enlisted in another war?



Hi, I’m new here. I was wondering how do I enlist in multiple wars at a time? or how do I leave a war and join some other war that I would prefer be in? I’ve accidently enlisted myself into the Fitness war but since fitness has become such a strong habit of mine, I want to enlist myself into the No PMO War instead as it would be more beneficial for me for my personal development.
Or is it just not possible for me to be in multiple wars at a time / change the war?
Thanks in advance!


Hi Milan,
welcome to CS! Well, no, it’s not possible to join multiple wars at once. And it’s not possible either to join an ongoing war… sorry for that. But you can join the war by commenting posts, and perhaps joining the telegram groups.
Keep up the good fight!