Introducing: The Alpha Wolf Tracker! 🐺 [Premium Spreadsheet Tool]


Greetings! :wolf:

I’m new to these forums, but I’ve been trying to gain control over myself multiple times in the past, unsuccessfully (obviously). This time it’s different. For the first time I’ve told my girlfriend about my addiction and she is really supportive and she’s following up on my status every day. To make the accountability even higher, I’ve just joined my first NoPMO-war :muscle:

I also wanted to do something else different this time. I wished that I had a tool where I could track not only how well I can conquer myself, but also other habits and see how these develop over the month as well as being able to see how these affect some Life Quality Indicators like my happiness, motivation etc. In this way, I would be able to see correlations and get a much deeper understanding for why I need to stay sober and what actually creates a good foundation for my Quality of Life. With this, I could finally focus on creating a good life for myself with my habits instead of just obsessively counting my NoFap days.

Since I couldn’t find a tool that could do this in the way I wanted, I created it myself! Introducing: The Alpha Wolf Tracker! :raised_hands:

Feel free to check it out (and use it!) here

This is a trial version for November only, and it has a few limitations that can be unlocked if you choose to become a member of my Blue Wolfpack at Patreon! If you like the tool or want to know more about it, feel free to head over to my Patreon page and consider becoming an important part of the Wolfpack to get all the exclusive benefits! :star:


Are you still in the war?


Yup, still going strong! :muscle:How about you? How do you feel? @mc_brain


I’m in, too. I think i need to put order on my days. I’ll go for the pro tool