Is there a Refund Feature?


Hey, I mistakenly enrolled in the meditation war V and the payment went from my dad’s office account since I have been using his laptop. Is there a way the money could be refunded since the war hasn’t even begun? Please Help.


Hey Rajat,
there is only @PierceFranklin who may help you…

In which war would you have liked to be enrolled?



Hi fabflop,

I actually wanted to take part in the meditation war but its just 5 min a day which is very easy for me. I thought it would be like the the team who collects the most number of meditation hours would win. And as a consequence members would be meditating their ass off to win. But I guess its not made very ingeniously. I would rather take part in the nofap war now.


I’ll try to contact @piercefranklin to see what he thinks.

Have a good fight!


Hey Rajat21, sorry for the delay. I’ve issued a refund, let me know if it’s been reflected. If you want to enlist for the PMO war, you’ll have to create a separate account.

Btw, I like that meditation idea you’ve suggested. I’ll consider that for the future!