Manifestation Quest: Shakti_99


The change that I would like to make is to have a daily practice that will further my life passion: Technology.

This manifestation will require two things: Building a vision, and doing the practice. Vision is the key to motivation, and I believe it is all a matter of seeing reality clearly, let me explain: We live in an amazing time. Technology is everywhere, and it offers a great extension to the human experience. However, we tend to take it for granted and only use it for entertainment (often times getting addicted) and missing out on all of the amazing opportunities it presents. Imagine yourself becoming a master of technology, now you are able to work anywhere there is internet; you can create art, programs, video content, and possibly generate an income while you are at it! Now for the practice: My skill of choice is computer programming, but I am also looking to generate abundance in some form. I want to get to the bottom of how a computer works and create unique technology of my own. Every day I will need to do some sort of coding or research. This of course requires certain virtues: self discipline, hard work, commitment, work ethic, and a long-term mindset.

Sub Quests: (Direct Things to do) I will do one of these each day.

  1. Read book on C-programming, access the terminal and work there (raise programmer skill)
  2. Do my e-commerce course and develop online business (generate income)
  3. Access online computer science forums or read books, any form of research (Raise programmer knowledge)


@Shakti_99 Great to hear about another techie. :slight_smile: I think it might help you to decide on some kind of concrete project. It doesn’t need to be huge, but a project can give you a target and help you focus your energy. Looking forward to hearing more about your online business idea and how the e-commerce course goes. Where are you taking the course?

Also, relating to learning C, is there a particular reason you chose that langauge? As computer languages go it is on the more difficult side, so just curious.


Hi! The online business is an instagram page, taught step by step at HERO training archive. I chose C since it is a kernel (core) language. Im interested in operating systems and core functionality of computers so it is where I decided to start :slight_smile:. I’m curious as to what you do in the tech world?


Hi @Shakti_99 I’m a software developer now, mostly doing backend microservice development in Golang and, less recently, Ruby. I’ve also use C/C++ some years ago, when I worked for a mobile phone company.

OS side stuff sounds very interesting. Maybe have around with the Linux kernel and figure out how stuff works. If you can learn about containers and the details of their OS-side implementations, you could probably get a job fairly easily.


Oh my! Creating your own unique technologies sounds like a huge dream indeed. I’m a bit of a tech head myself so it makes me quite happy to see someone with such ambitions! Something that I would advise is to never forget that you need to learn to walk before you can run. As much as I would like to create the next big thing in 3D modeling and have my assets inside of a famous animated movie one day, I need to know that I have to start like all great modelers and 3D artists: with the humble, basic cube and build from there.

Before you create your own unique technology, start small. Learn about the current technologies that we have right now and how they interact with each other. Experiment with these technologies in your own ways. Be creative in said experiments. Find something that we have that could be improved or even expanded upon. Little steps like these will help you in the long run even if they may be boring compared to the dreams in your head.


@ShadowOfTheTrueSelf Check out that advice you’re giving here! Do you see now that you have what it takes to lead your own life too? You’ve been ready for a while. Forge ahead brother. The world can’t wait to see what kind of man you’ll become!


Thank you!