Manifestation Quest: ThatMagnetMan


Had a pretty crappy pre-war not gonna lie (have also been busy with other things haven’t been on telegram for awhile.) & I intend 100% to win this war. Not just for my pride’s sake but Philip’s sake. He payed my entry and I won’t let his sacrifice go to a dead body during the war. Nonetheless this war I suppose is so simple everyone theoretically has a 100% chance of victory.

I’m not gonna bother typing the obvious don’t DOs during war I’ve done so a million times. What will I do during this time?

I’ve been stuck in a vortex of the deadliest sin imaginable: procrastination to be frank I will not be satisfied with my performance this war unless I break that habit. So I’m going to have a schedule that’s a little less forgiving than my other one.

Edit my book for an hour upon waking up everyday
Take a cold shower/bath after that
15 duolingo lessons each day for the duration of the war specifically Portuguese this war.
Complete my school obligations for the day after that.
Doing 100-200 of sit ups, push ups, or squats is also something that I will do.
Make three illustrations a day
Read at least 1 chapter out of a book other than the bible.
Practice piano
If time: Talk to online friends & schedule meetings.

By the end of this war I want to be finished with my two new books, just a little bit bulkier, have a finished draft for my book and do all that’s necessary for publishing, & have a couple of scripts completed for my youtube channel. Because I need animatic videos on there before I can really achieve what I want regarding my youtube channel.

It might sound like just a little but that’s my intention for the war.


Hey man, sounds like a solid plan
Coming from personal experience, you want to be a little flexible with the things you set, give yourself off days and not be too rigid with your tasks. We never know what tomorrow will bring, and we tend to forget all of the underlying mental and external factors that can effect our performance. Many, many times I would generate a long list of many tasks, only to find myself being out of motivation and spiralling back into procrastination, setting myself up for failure. Just make sure that in case some circumstance causes a set back ,then to not beat yourself up too much because of it. Other then that, best of luck with your ambitions!


When the darkness comes, remember these words. They will steel you against all temptation.


I think that is quite true. Life cannot fully be predicted and you would have to be able to adapt to whatever it throws to you.


Sounds interesting MagnetMan - what kind of books are you writing?


Self-improvement currently. I also have an idea for a fiction novel but that’s just in concept phase currently.


life is what happens when you’re busy making plans" I know that sometimes things won’t work out exactly how I intended. Rarely ever do haha. But this is just a general outline & a target to reach everyday.


ThatMagnetMan, I found you on Duolingo - may I connect? We can hold each other up on our daily goal?


Really wasn’t expecting someone on here to also be learning duolingo. Sure we can hold each other accountable. I don’t know how to add someone on duolingo as a friend… Or do we need to stay accountable via another medium such as telegram?


I’m not quite sure actually, but now I’ve added you as a friend on Duolingo… I’ll explore it a bit more :slight_smile:


ok I guess we’ll figure it out :slight_smile:


Ok, so I can follow you on Duolingo - I can see your daily and weekly points :slight_smile: Can you see that I am following you? Or do you perhaps need to follow me as well?


I haven’t been on here for forever I’m going to update you guys on my goals and then create a new manifestation quest.