Manifistation Quest: PridefulBlossom


im going to stay humble on this one.

my quest is to play a piano piece with both hands. im very new at playing piano and I wanted to play my favourite soundtracks but never mustered the discipline to practice daily and i always gave up when things got difficult.

it requires of me: self-discipline. daily practice, great motor skills, patience, focus, and determination. hand independance (which is gonna be a pain)


  1. decide on how much time i want to invest in playing piano daily.
  2. writing down the score.
  3. looking for patterns.
  4. cutting the score up in pieces.
  5. start learning the right hand (melody) for each piece.
  6. learning the left hand (bass) for each piece.
  7. slowly practice them simuntaniously with each piece.
  8. increase the speed until it matches the original piece.

I hope to have mastered the piano piece after the war.

the piece i will be playing: Braveheart - For the love of a princess.


I decided to play 30-60 minutes a day. Depends on how busy of a day I will have but i think that 95% of the time I will have time for a full hour practice.

Will start with this commitment when the war starts.


Playing an instrument is so good for the mind. Hearing the piano itself will be great for calming down your thoughts, and knowing that you are the one generating the music is amazing!


Didnt put in the amount of effort I said I would. Focused on other pieces as well, learned around 50% of the braveheart theme, and 90% of Idylls end and Westworld Main theme since starting this quest. Didnt practice daily for 30% of the days. Practiced atleast once every two days. Didnt practice 60 minutes, only on some days. Most of the time it was no more than 15.