My Dad’s Self Rules


Per a request to copy this to Forum. Wishing all who have lost loved ones well! …

My dad had flaws but he was one of the most disciplined men I know. These were his self rules.

Finish what you started.
Help others. Ask for help from others.
Don’t solve problems solo if someone else can help.
Have pride in your work.
Have pride in your appearance.
Don’t seek praise. Just do a great job
If you don’t like your job, finish it well, then move on.
Where you went to school doesn’t matter. Your knowledge doesn’t matter. What you DO matters. How you treat others matters.
Learn to fix things. Don’t just dispose and buy new.
Build and make things with your hands.
Learn discipline for your body and your mind.
A full stomach makes for a lazy mind.
Screens weaken the mind. Don’t waste your time and put garbage in your mind.
Stay rooted in reality.
Study biographies. Learn from others who came before you.
Live life as an adventure.
No excuses. Fix yourself to fix your life.

Remembering my dad who passed a few years ago but hopefully his lessons remain as seeds in me.


This is awesome, I wish I could be one day a dad like that!! Thanks for sharing.


He did not mention the significance of money. That shows happiness is in being yourself. That is why kids are always happy.
What a ideal person he must be!


Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing


I can honestly say that our fathers would have gotten along, very well. He once told my younger brother “garbage in, garbage out” right in front of me (about the type of music he was listening to) and, though I knew it was true at the time, I didn’t think to apply it to myself and my habits.

Wish I still had him here, with me. I could really use his help with Bible study.

Thanks for sharing your father’s rules for self discipline.

My dads dying hope was that his sons would remember 1 Cor 10:31
“Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.”




Thank you for sharing that piece with us. Take those into you and let’s all strive to be the best version of ourself we can become. I will make sure to pass down his self rules. You make sure to pass down your father’s legacy man. We will win this war. Thank you.