no-PMO Conquered-Self


Hello everyone
I am gonna share with you my a little gratefulness towards this community:

  • First of all I tried joining many communities online to quit my addiction but I was not able to commit or be okay except here.
  • The thing about paying money here creates a positive psychological effect of you making an effort so you wouldn’t also wanna waste it …
  • the checking and the continous support while navigating the numbers … this for me is the first time I join anything like this and it has saved me a lot.
  • people who made this deserve all the best in their lives because they were educated enough to design such a system that praises and connects in a way that encourages me to keep going and they have saved me quite many times in the last 7 days …
  • I have not been able to push this hard in years and I have had a lot of struggle with the PMO addiction through my life and has caused me to lose a lot … this has given me a new reason to fight this addiction and it’s really hard to find new reasons after all this years (11 years) of fighting this addiction using all spiritual, pshycological and physical means possible. I will never mess this opportunity up. This time I win.
  • I am planning to be married soon and I have hurt my fiancee a lot because of the PMO addiction and all the brainwash … when I become a better person through quitting here … all that happy marriage and straight mind that I will have is because of these heroes here that built system so allow me to directly and personally show my appreciation and thankfulness to you …

I have gained a lot of my life in the last few days I am gaining everything back now … I started praying I am more self aware … and more importantly I started dreaming … dreaming again of being okay and immune against all the triggers that have once hurt me (etc. nudity) I am aspiring to be a scientist and I am not scared to travel abroad anymore … I am not scared of women, temotations or nudity … I can have my life and live it to the fullest.
And that means the world to me
I urge everybody to come and learn how become a man again.


I am with you! This is inspires me :slight_smile:


I find this so useful, I am sure that I am going to win this time


Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. It will act as a great motivation for us.