No PMO: My journal


I was doing good until I got sick and was confined to my bed. The lonelyness made it very difficult to continue resisting. I’ve been dealing with PMO for the last two years. I’m only 15. Shows you how corrupt the world can make you. I plan on checking in every day to defeat this addiction once and for all! (Insert battle cry here).


Day two: Feeling a lot better from the illness that I had wiich allowed me to get back so some of my day to day things like band practice and light exercise. I did not relapse today. Even though I don’t technically need to resist until I enlist in the next war, but every warrior needs training to survive each battle, so over the next 20-ish days I’ll be training for the coming war.

P.S. I’m working on a battle cry!

P.P.S. No one is going to read this so idk why I’m actong as if I have followers of something hahah


Day 3: I succeeded in no indulging today!! I can’t quite celebrate yet though. I still need to get through the night. I finally got back to training today. Physically AND mentally. I’m going to win this war. No.Matter.What. I’m determined. And when I’m determined, It’s happening. Soon.