No PMO War Questions


Hello, I am brand new to this site after seeing it on a video by Project Stronger Self or Scandinavian Bob. I’m interested and eager to become part of this community as it looks like a great way to keep myself accountable along with the IamSober app on my phone. Please let me know how I can start doing things on this site and how I can get into the Wars.


Also is this site very popular/active it seems like there aren’t a lot of posts and all that lately.


Hello @SlimJalapeno
I’m new here too
Actually I just signed up from a while.
I have the same question about the No PMO war, it seems interesting
I joined it but it seems that I have to wait for 24 days till the next war starts or something?? Am I following right?


Yeah man that’s what it looks like. I don’t see anything else to do on here but to log progress in the forums and talk to other people while we wait. That’s fine with me because I’ll be there that first day of the War. Day 37


I’m so proud of you :muscle:t2::muscle:t2:
Look at this determination
This is my first day ever but I hope when the war starts I’ll be on 24 days or something like this :slight_smile:


I know you will brother, this addiction is not match for out combined strength. Happy first day many battles to be won. Always remember why you started.