Personal journal and thought venting


Hello, nice to meet you all, this place is for my own personal journaling, progress tracking, planning and thought expression purposes. Feel free to read and or comment.

Goal (the reason why I’m doing this):
My main goal is to succeed in life, be happy with myself, be a great partner to my girlfriend, to grow my new career and start building a family within a couple of years time. Before then I wish to better myself and become a worthy version of myself and for everyone around me.

Things I wish to change about myself (these are my wasteful habits):

  1. Indulging in Youtube and irrelevant content.
  2. Playing video games (I don’t even enjoy the process anymore…)
  3. Smoking
  4. Lack of physical activities / sport
  5. Poor time management skills
  6. Not resting properly

My achievements during this time:

  1. I acknowledged and wrote a list of my weaknesses. [03-02-2022]


Day one [01-02-2022]
The first day was easy, and tomorrow I start my first work day at a new job that offers many opportunities to grow a good career. I’m very nervous and I can barely sleep this night, I’m continuously barraged with thoughts and ideas during this time. That is the reason I wish to make this journal in order to vent and clear my mind. Hopefully it will all be ok tomorrow.

Day two [02-02-2022]
The day was exciting and a whole lot easier than I expected. The onboarding journey really took my mind off irrelevant things. Though I do feel tired from all the excitement.

Day three [03-02-2022]
Today I feel quite a bit of weakness from within me. I feel quite a bit tired, annoyed and weak at the same time. I went to the negative side in my mind, but at the moment I’m trying to get back. I start to understand that I have to remove some wasteful and negative things from my daily routines, which impact my free time, quality of learning and rest. In addition to this my tooth broke from a stupid accident and that fueled the negativity. Tomorrow I’m going to a dentist. Have to make a list of negative things to remove from my daily routines and stop wasting time…


Writing is good for getting a clear mind. Keep going!


right on keep it up