Question about sex during PMO


In the no PMO rules there is nothing stated about having sex with a real human. Can you have an orgasm with a real human on no PMO? Thanks bros.


Yes, it’s not mentioned in the rules, so it’s upto you.


The No PMO war is a personal war that means different things to different people. Personally, I have a partner and having sex with them will not count against my PMO. Instead, no PMO means avoiding things like pornography, looking at nudes of other people, so I can be more loyal to my partner. I have also read on the no fap forums of people having sex with escorts, and this would obviously count as PMO and cheating on my partner.

Basically, orgasm is ok only if it is with my partner, and anything else will count against me.

This link goes over 3 different modes of rebooting, where you reboot from just P, from PM, or from PMO. I am doing PM only, so I can orgasm but not masturbate. Choose what feels will fit you best and good luck!


no PMO is not a self control vow its a new way to know the real happiness of celibacy its a hard core commitment and also its the highest point of purity to devote GOD, having sex with your wife its ok but if you will stop all this activity during the PMO CHALLENGE it good for you.
i hope you understand .


According to me, sex in any form should be avoided. No PMO means no porn, no masturbation and no orgasm. When you do sex, you will experience orgasm anyway. The real intent of this war is to conserve your sex energy. It’s my take.