Quotes From My Struggle


Over the course of my journey there were many things I said, many one-liners documented for each day I rose up to this challenge of self-betterment. For me, quotes have always been profound in the sense that they are a large portion of truth in one or two sentences. A good quote has the ability to really change someones view on something and keep them from going the wrong way. It is my hope that some of the things I came up with will do just that.

From my journey to yours:

Note: If I did not create the quote then I attributed to the best of my knowledge who is recorded as saying it.

We don’t just quit something that we’re addicted to, we change our life. That life change gives no room to involve the old activity.

You know an urge is an illusion: it isn’t a permanent feeling. It did not come from me, from Soul, it came from the mind. I am not mind.

Effective people constantly retrain themselves. They don’t harden. Everyday is another test.

Paying the ultimate price is not falling to darkness, it is not getting back up and reaching for light.

Falling is one of the greatest moments that can happen in our life. It is the only moment that comes before rising. Embrace it and rise.

One day triggers will not bother you as much and you won’t search for them. One day you will never relapse again. One day can be right now.

Create a mind that you enjoy being with and be with that mind for one hour every day, sharpen the saw.

Make your habits reflect your values - Stephen Covey

I hope you are well, strong, clear-headed and bright. Don’t start the search for porn and you will be free

Help others, don’t judge, always love, empower those around you. Become the person you have always wanted to be

Did you think that beating PMO was it? This is only the beginning. Next we help others, we free as many as we can from these shackles

Today is going to be magnificent, why? Because I said so

Nothing ever came from a simple life - Flogging Molly

You may have relapsed, but you also impressed your mind with new pain. This new pain can be converted into willpower. Use this new force

Seizing every opportunity makes greatness, not succeeding at every opportunity

One day someone will need to lean on you for help, for guidance. They won’t know which way to go. You must be strong today, for them

How many relapses, how much pain, how much insanity must you go through before enough is enough. When is the last time you will ever relapse?

A group mentality means everyone makes this happen, we don’t stand out as individuals. Our actions now have the potential to effect the many

Relapsing is a necessary part of this journey. It is the catalyst for change

Becoming the fallen is the same as becoming the master since one cannot come without the other

What lies beneath our outer self is the character we must cultivate. The great mass of the iceberg underneath the water keeps the rest afloat

A firm, unshakable resolve to get back up is one of our most valuable weapons

I think most relapse and binging stems from low self-esteem. You are all born with talent and creativity. Rise up and find yourself

When you are relapse free you can live life without worry, fear or regret. You can finally live

Huddle together everyone. The world is telling us to masturbate. We know we don’t have to, we know we don’t want to. World, back off

Those that fap occasionally and say it’s fine don’t realize how their normal awareness is actually foggy. They don’t know what it’s like to not masturbate

Keep like minded people close and rise to greatness. Let others be who they are and give love without judgment. We are all on our own path

I am reaching my hand out right now and pulling you up. Leaving you behind is not an option. We are in this together

We really have to surrender to love and just listen to people. Fighting over opinions makes enemies. We want to appreciate everyones view

You know the person that faps, you also know the person that is clean and clear. Make your choice

First reactions are usually filled with emotion. Secondary reactions are from calm. Be remembered for what comes from the calm, not from emotion

We have to work and work hard to achieve our goals. Most things will not come easy. Working for goals, and then getting them, builds strength

Were all pieces of rock bouncing around in this jar of refinement. After you shake it a while, theres nothing but beautifully polished gems - Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

The holidays will make our insides more susceptible to relapse. Be careful. Too many new people around leaving us with their karmas

Try not to get upset after a relapse, that will cause a downward spiral. Try to think why it isn’t helpful in your life and avoid it in peace

We do naturally seek pleasure and comfort, but most things that change our life are hard, unpleasant and uncomfortable.

The ultimate motivation for all success in life is not the comfort and well being of ourselves, it is the comfort and well being of others

By now you should be taking cold showers everyday and receiving Ice Blessings: a bucket of ice water dumped over you, after a cold shower

We got good at watching porn. When porn is taken out, we get good at something else. Enjoy that new skill, enjoy a new life

One of the most empowering things to think about is possibly helping someone else just by being PMO free yourself. It’s contagious

We must struggle. This is counter intuitive. None the less struggling is the catalyzing force for evolving in this life

Try not to only fight triggers, also look at yourself and become untouchable. Abstaining is temporary, eventually we must be unbreakable

“The seed of desire is a false concept.” We can all relate to this. The thought of porn is more powerful than the actual experience.

One of the greatest things I have ever accomplished is taking only cold showers. I’m convinced it is a miracle. Note: As of this writing, I have taken cold showers for almost a year straight and it is the foundation of my day.

When we stepped onto this path we threw comfort out the window. Forget it. Beating this will mean being calm in our most uncomfortable state

Try not to tell everyone what happens in your meditations. Sometimes the power of the experience can be lost by aimlessly talking about it

Success comes down to that one moment when you can either choose the higher path or the lower. At that moment you are alone. Choose Wisely

How do we communicate effectively with people? The process starts with your ears and eyes, not your mouth

Before getting mad at someone, ask yourself if it’s just because they are not acting like you. Everyone is different

Mystics don’t hang around bad situations to create more karmas. They see what’s about to happen and leave

Theres one thing willpower can’t do, it can’t remove itself from you. It is you

It’s the end of the day but not the end of the struggle. I don’t let go even in my sleep. 24/7, that’s how long we must persist. Day and Night

Meditation gets harder the better you get. Your eyes burn as you peel more layers of the onion open, exposing the oils that lay underneath

When someone is reacting emotionally at you, do not react back at them. Wait a moment before speaking, then their emotion can subside

It hurts to see someone at the beginning of the struggle, but it’s also a relief. Going through the pain of relapse is the only way out

“What does someone have to do or say today that will make you happy?” Don’t put your fate in someone else’s hands. Choose your own response.

The spiritual path is walked by not thinking about the past, not living in the future, but embracing right now

If all you can do is start crawling, start crawling. -Rumi. To me this rings true to a relapse. You’re at ground zero. Just get back up.

Have you tested your will today? Have you done something better than expected? The more willpower we use, the more we have. Use it: Get more

Someone will always try to resist you and your goals. Fine, let it be and move on. When a dog barks at you, do you bark back?

Something must well up inside of us. There must be some drive that pushes us over the edge. Once you find it you keep getting stronger.

We must look at this recovery from a larger perspective. It has to be bigger than just you and me, it has to be about all of us

Take a moment to just breathe. Enjoy not being around anyone, away from this crazy world. A few minutes of that and you realize: I Am Master

Feel better. Be content with where you are at and where you are going. The thing is, improvement is guaranteed: you don’t have a choice.

A relapse is like getting knocked down temporarily. You don’t just lay there on the ground right? Get Back Up

We are all here for you. But you have to take the first step and make yourself known to us

The further along we get in our streak, the stronger our resolve must be. Don’t let up, the war is only beginning

Say it with me: I am working on myself. I am learning so much each day. Sometimes my mind tries to give up. Seeing this I laugh, I am master

What if we had to fail in order to succeed? Failing then is a godsend. Thank you weakness, for making me stronger

Don’t let anyone or anything stop you. Know that what your doing is good

The best meditations come from just using simple techniques. We don’t try to gain anything. A good meditation is getting rid of everything

No great human in history has ever said the words “I will never fail.” What they say is “When I fail, I will get back up and try again”

Some fail and some win. Everywhere you look there is relapse and streaks. Both are victors. Both choices are one step closer to their goal

It’s not winning that makes us successful, success is our reaction to defeat

Do you feel good when you don’t relapse? What if you never relapsed again?

True love is not wanting anything back from the other person. It’s unconditional

We never get more than we can handle in life. That means whatever you’re dealing with is good and conquerable. It’s there to build strength

I did not masturbate today and I’m sure as hell not going to masturbate tomorrow. I do not masturbate anymore. I am pure energy, master of mind, body and soul

Don’t love something that makes you sick

What is it that you want? When you know, claim it. It’s yours for the taking

For those who were victorious today, I salute you. For those who slipped and fell, I salute you. Both have learned from the experience

Do not let misfortunes take your energy and strength. Make misfortunes give you energy and strength

If your feeling weak, send the urge my way. I have been strong and I am backed by this squadron. Think of us and we can divide the struggle

You are already greatness. Just abide in it and look out through it. The world reacts differently when this is how you project yourself

When we own our actions saying “I’m the one doing this,” then we can overcome and say “since I’m the one doing this, I’m the one who can change it”

The more willpower you use, the more you get back. Every time we use it, we have more than when we started. Think on that

Bow in respect to PMO’s strength. Realize how powerful it is and give thanks for meeting it. This one step in humility renders PMO powerless

Your strength is my strength is our strength. If you win, we all win


I love this one, @SolidStance. Eventually, we must be unbreakable. It’s a lesson I learned this War and will take with me into the next.


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