RequestingWar StopGaming


Hey all,

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post but like any other addiction, I think Gaming is a real problem people go through.

I think a lot of people will be onboard if we had a war dedicst3d to curbing our gaming addictions.



At one moment, there was a no games war. But peoples died too fast… :confused:


More the reason we should have it.


It’s a real problem, I quit 10 years ago now when I recognised this. I played a few games since (very very rarely) but strictly when people I know were playing so it’s merely social. The most formative years of my life were spent playing counter strike and mmorpgs - now I’m not saying that’s all bad, but for some like me it’s all or nothing, and all was far too much.


Being a victim of not just gaming in my 20’s but also watching streams of other people playing I strongly feel that one needs to include this war too. It can go all bad if you are like meld or me which have this all or nothing mentality.