Should we allow people to join midwar as reinforcements?


Well , so i wanted to join the Skill Aquisition III war (not intrested in others) and i have to wait like 50 days to join, once you are out you are out , everything as normal but new people can join a ongoing war as reinforcements or something.

Instead of waiting 50 days (like 3 months) i will likely seek something else and forget about it idk.

I guess we could also go to the root of the issue and give something else for the new guys to do untill a war they are intrested in gets waged


Maybe something like that because when I go KIA, I only comeback when war starts again
Sometimes I comeback for ghost league(NoPMO War) though
Like a reason for KIA people to comeback for and it might be able to reduce the KIA nuke lmao


Exactly man, in a few days I believe I’m going to forget about this site. I can’t find a single other person on here that’s still active. I am just sifting through old forums and it’s kind of sad. Not sure what’s going on but I would really like a small thing for the guys waiting for a war to do while the war is ongoing. Hopefully I find some active users on here.


@ slimJalapeno Thank you for your honest feedback. Your candor has encouraged me! Thank you


Of course brother, stay strong and peace be with you.


Thanks @SlimJalapeno for this discussion
I was amazed that I have to wait 24 days maybe to get in the war of no PMO. This is a little sad
But we can use it as a good thing you know
If you stick to what we want to do (for me is no PMO) for this time until the war start over. We will be doing a great streak already so in the war we will make it bigger and bigger… idk but to do so we need to do something as you said in this time
Something to always remind us with our goals and to give us support
I’m totally new here but I promise you I will be active a lot cause I like this place and I really want to help and get help by you people.
See you later friend :kissing_heart:


For sure brother, I’ll be right here with you. This place looks like a great place to come together as a group and push through this addiction. I won’t relapse with people like you on my side. We got this.


This is the best thing I’ve ever read maybe.
I promise you I won’t relapse too as long as we keep motivating ourselves to go through this together.