The CS Suggestions Thread


Why is this a good thing. I love inter-Barracks banter.

It’s not a good or bad thing, it’s just something some people want


Is it accepted? If so, I wish to contest, but it’s obviously fair game to over-rule me if I’m the only one. I just think we’re all stronger together.


It’s up to the owner what he wants to accept. This is just a list of suggestions from users.


@fabflop I can’t edit this thread anymore, can something be done about that? I guess editing posts is disabled after it’s 2 months old?


Hmm, I still can edit it. I didn’t find any buttons or menus who said that editing is disabled…
If you still can’t do it, you may want to add new features in a comment?



I have that… Cool, this mod rights!
Perhaps we can ask @PierceFranklin to make you a mod here?


Maybe should we add statistics to the war. Simple graphs showing Alive/KIA numbers and engagement numbers per day, per empire and per barrack. :+1:


That would be cool, but on some background site. It doesn’t need to be seen at the first glance.


a) For Notifications: I should be able to choose what type of notifications I see. I don’t particularly care for notifications when people like what I post (it’s nice but not required) but I do care about when I’m tagged in a post and don’t see it because it’s buried between “x likes your comment” and “y posted in z thread”.

b) For CS, General:

  1. Send a notification in advance (10 days, 5, then 1) that the war is starting. I only knew about the war because I got the texts, and thank goodness I did. I almost said “forget it” because I thought the war already started and I already lost. I firmly believe if you give people a little bit more heads up (especially when they haven’t started a war before) there will be a (small) increase in people who don’t go MIA in the first day.

  2. A more obvious war FAQ page. I know there is a post on the forum, but if I want to figure out how this war stuff works it should be obvious. I shouldn’t have to find the forum (which many people don’t know about) to find the FAQ.

  3. A “grace period” auto-check in. I personally bought the auto check in to solve this problem because I feel CS means enough to me and I want to financially support this, but not everyone may agree. I believe that every soldier should get x amount of auto check in days (e.g. 3) in case they are not going to be around computer access for a certain amount of time. I’m going away for work out of town with no internet access for 72 hours, you see, and I technically had to spend 8 dollars on one check in.

  4. PM system. I wanted to, for example, meet up with other people who posted they live in the same city as me but I didn’t feel comfortable suggesting a spot on a semi-public forum. Being able to PM people would be awesome.

c) CS War Specific

  1. Survivors of the war should get to remain in the same barracks. I think you’ve spent so much time under one barracks that you should have the right to stick to it.
    Arguably, you could say that any participant should have the ability to chose if they wish to remain in the same barracks for consecutive wars, but if it’s survivors only there is an extra incentive.

  2. Barracks break down

This gets a little complicated and it may be better just to implement this community side, but survivors of the war could have be put in “official” (if only in title) positions of their barracks. It’s just extra incentive for surviving the war and an additional reward for survivors. So, for instance, whichever veteran has the highest stars gets put in a “general” position for the empire, and then remaining veterans get put as “barracks leaders”. This could entail high community engagement (a kind of commitment) or could just be for the title.


That’s right, @fabflop. Maybe it should be displayed here.


Awesome feedbacks guys, keep em coming. We may be slow to integrate these due to budget and resources but we’ll make sure that each war is better than the previous one. :+1:.


Hack laptop webcams to catch people jerking off and not reporting it

Kidding :smirk:

Seriously though definitely think we need a way of avoiding the endless scrolling on a popular post. Otherwise, posts tend to “expire” when they get too long.


I would like 4 or more teams more than 2 empires and 8 barracks.
The (positive) competetiveness would be more exciting if we have a clearer team to battle for.

Maybe a fun idea would be to battle for fictional Nations that would still all represent a quality like the barracks now do. The identity of a group to fight for will be stronger I think.

Also something must be done with the popular threads. They become too long with all the many reactions to read.


Maybe a karma mark that bar that takes longer to make higher.



-A “report bug” feature.
To report bugs that don’t require a whole thread to themselves (like misspellings in the site, buttons that don’t work in some cases, etc…)



A Conquered Self app for IOS and Android.


@PierceFranklin I would REALLY love the ability to look at my old war posts, even if they are archived. I’ve written a lot of stuff it would be helpful to look back on, and I’m sure others feel the same way.


Yes, kind of a search function would be really cool, @PierceFranklin!