The CS Suggestions Thread



Hi, Thanks for the work you do with CS. I don’t know where else to get this message to you. I have tried multiple time to donate to your cause thru Patreon using the link connected to the CS site, using different credit cards and it always says my cards are denied. I know there is nothing wrong with my cards. Do you know how to solve this problem… Would still like to donate. You probably have my email as I have been in the last 3 wars as Shane.


Hey Shane, thank you for your intention to donate!, I’ve already sent you a PM :slight_smile:



:rofl: really funny! And not so a bad idea…


My suggestion would be to make CS like a membership site with one monthly payment and access to all wars. Members could then chose to participate in one war or multiple (all) wars at the same time, depending in which areas they want to improve their life. I think it is a good idea to make it as easy as possible for as many people as possible. If you give access to all wars at the same time for a monthly fee, say 10 bucks without any additional payments or restrictions for other wars I think it would make the site much more active across all wars.




Add “friends list” feature to better keep up with specific people we meet via forums.




I second this one


Please launch an android app for CS to recruit more warriors



Lol this list is outdated, an update is long overdue. Will have a look at it tomorrow.


Lol true, but thanks for creating this thread.


No problem, always welcome :smiley:

This list is pretty long, I will have to spend a few days updating.

@PierceFranklin could you let me know if there are some ideas you want to archive from that list?



An option to hide images in the discussions would be great. I can’t be the only person who doesn’t wanna see memes on the home page haha.


Thank you for bringing this up <3