The Endeavour of Amelioration (My jouney)


I Named myself “The dry out emperor” The name itself represents the identity I have chosen for me .:man_in_tuxedo:

My life:
I have been living in oblivion and no restraints. it took a while for me to gain self-awareness that I have been wasting my time laying in bed relying on novels and porn. now a day I know how harmful it is for me I want to change myself into a better me. My intention behind my name is not to just quit porn but to dry myself out of every bad habit that is part of my instincts. and no I just do not want to be a dry out person. I want to be their emperor they can respect and look up to. but how can a soldier become a monarch without his comrade to help on his journey? so friends who are going to see this. help me, in not losing my persistence

Habits to quit

  1. sleeping late
  2. excessive use of digital devices
  3. novels
  4. porn
  5. unhealthy food

habits to implement

  1. becoming an early bird
  2. fitness near
  3. learning new things

I don’t want to burden myself with many things, therefore, I have decided to go very slow, and instead of setting goals for myself, I want to create settings of waking early learning and exercising then learning and going out. I will be experimenting every day and share my perspective here :shield:

The dry out emperor


Sounds like a good plan. Keep going!