Warrior Map



Hardships make interesting stories, which is the universal language for the human species. My personal story is discovering PMO at the tender age of eight. Secrecy with PMO tandem with a dangerous isolation sent me into decades of confusion and lowered expectations. I never felt quite at peace with my PMO existence and now realize the deadly experience was even more sad due to millions of others individuals in parallel, defeated and not knowing how to fight back.

I mean no one spoke genuinely about the subject. I mean everyone, pastors, imam, priest, rabbis, friends parents etc. spoke either tongue and cheek or vaguely enough to show a hesitation that conveyed fear- maybe from their own exposure or conviction. Real authority comes from going through hell and and taking the keys.

So to all my comrades in this fight, all your setbacks and victories are mapping not only your salvation but that of an entire people lost in this quagmire of deception. We are realizing ourselves as energy itself needing to be maned by a master. Conquer self and soon enough you will have to do it again- why not have a map next time. Peace and success

Dawid going on 60 days no PMO


This is great, thank you for sharing it!