What do you guys think of the Skill Aquisition war?


Ok , so , The rules of the skill aqusition war are simple:

Study a new skill, language, instrument or a new hobby everyday for atleast 30 mins to qualify yourself for daily ‘Check In’.

And the other 2 are the same as the no PMO one as far as i know , report casualties/kia (idk what is the difference) and dont provoke anyone to relapse (which where just copypasted from the PMO wars)

Feel like this war is very underrated as everyone just seems to be here for the no PMO stuff, what are your guys/girls opinions on it?

You whould expect at least 30 min a day dedicated to learning a skill whould be a quite good habit to have , and considering most people are here to quit masturbation or at the very least porn which is well , biologically made to be a very strong temptation so its not like willpower is the issue , imagine picking up a habit for learning 30 min a day isnt harder than qutting one of the strongest biological urges outthere.

I guess this is more of a personal thing but i also want to get really good at drawing/programming or i guess anything in general and i imagine this desire/long term goal/whatever is more common than me and like other 9 other mfs divided by (The entire population of this site - 10)

Also want more people on the skill aquisition wars so we can acttualy share tips and talk and stuff.

I imagine most arent really even aware of it.

Also can we get a tag for all the wars , including Skill Aquisition , because we only have for PMO , Fitness , Meditation , Smoking (which i will be generous and say it includes the both tobacco and cannabis) and Alcohol. Which means we still need the work/study tag and the Skill aquisition tag. They will likely not get used in the forseable future but if something happens and a lot of people decide to do say Skill aquisiton or Work/study it whould be useful to have just incase. Doesnt seem like a difficult thing to implement soo…

What happens if a team has no more members , does the other team just win by default and has to wait before the next war or do we just keep going untill we fail , asking because one of the teams only has one guy left (watch him beat me and the other 3 and pull a massive clutch , if he does GG nice clutch , wish him luck).

My post over now what are YOUR opinions on skll aquisition , will YOU join the next war after this one is over?
(could have perhaps done a better job for the banner but its like 3 AM where i am from)


No PMO is just so fundamental for me so right now I’m not interested in the other wars. But if I could do No PMO and Skill Acquisition simultaneously I would.


Wait , you cant do 2 wars simutaniously? because i was thinking of perhaps also joining the work/study war


Yea you can’t. This is why the other wars are pretty inactive as well and no PMO gets upwards of 1500+ participants. To me, it makes sense to at least allow no PMO + skill acquisition because no PMO is all about not doing something and skill acquisition is about doing something, so they are the perfect complement for each other in terms of finding productive things to do with the new found free-time & motivation.


All the more reason as during the PMO war if you are following through and keeping up with the desired you get excess energy which has to go somewhere.
If people can utilize that energy into something useful it may be beneficial on both fields.
This is great idea to implement.
Also, only 5 percent people, if that much, survive the 30 days war so it would be good if they can join something else at the beginning or in the meantime.