What happened to Medals? (and more...)


So, I just checked back in after napping for a few hours, and I see that medals have been removed. Is this due to a site glitch or hack? I honestly hope that they weren’t intentionally removed, because they made me that much more excited for my first war, and it’d be a shame to see something which can give new participants something to strive for, dissapear.

Also, some general site feedback: it’d be useful to be able to “flag” a particular forum post for any material that may be harmful to other participants. If such a method exists, I was unable to find it after exploring the post page in question. Instructions unclear, please send help.

It’d be nice to see some kind of “profile” page, besides just an individual’s stats. Allow users to share their “mission statement”, their reasons for fighting against their addiction. This goes hand-in-hand with a “contacts/friends” list of fellow soldiers that we want to keep in regular contact with.

The “game” aspects of this site seem very well put together, but the rest of the site feels very barebones and young in age. Not everything is self explanatory, and I can’t help but feel like I’m just sort of left to figure it all out. Conquered Self might benefit from some kind of website tutorial for new users.


EDIT: Just found out that Medal’s are removed post-war, to be reset for the next one. This is EXACTLY what I’m talking about with needing a site tutorial or guided tour for new users.

EDIt 2: And… I just found the “flag” button… SMH PLEASE PLEASE rebuild the non-game aspects of the website to make it more user friendly. Thank you.


Working on all of that. As a free app that runs on user donations, unfortunately we don’t have sufficient donations yet to invest in such features yet. The app will make more sense when your war starts in the meantime. If you have the means, please consider supporting the development of such features by donting for this project :pray::