What I said to the PMO Demon 👹


We meet again, PMO Demon :japanese_ogre:
The weapon of choice is the SWORD OF HONESTY :dagger:
Challenged by myself, and the whispers of the night
To look into the pit of beautified hell
To cast away the light of my sight
Blinded by its heat and burned by its flames
Nay, I’ll stand my ground and lower my gaze
To battle another day,
Slicing with truth every instance of illusion
That fools me to break the distance
When all is needed is patience
Patience my soul, we just got started
The shackles will fall, this promise is certain
At the break of dawn, you will shed your burden
The darkness fades by the light of knowledge
The heart empowered, swift like a lalage
Steadfast steps and a focused strike
The truth shall set you free, so strike with all your might
—Your Steadfast Brother, SAGASELOR

Personal Comment:
Consider my humble poem as a memento quari (a reminder for WHY)?

Feel free to comment what are your thoughts and interpretations and suggestions and personal journeys or self-expressions.

I’ll end this topic with a general piece of advice. Keep your expectations to a minimum and focus on your replacement habits to the best of your abilities (Checkout my topic titled: Unlocking a Life Beyond PMO: Discover the Power of Replacement Habits!).

1 habit at a time, 1 win at a time, and if the need my arise, 1 No at a time, but most importantly, 1 day at a time, and save yourself from the self-flagellation when you fall. Just dust yourself off, quickly note down what lead you to stumble and fall from your ascension and restart the next day with a steadfast step and a focused mind, so climb again my friend, and strike what you noted down with all your might!