Why did I get kicked out of the no PMO war?


So I haven’t even relapsed nor clicked on the button that kicks me out of the war, but as I went on to check in, I was completely kicked out. This makes me frustrated cause I waited so long to be in this war, and one week later I’m kicked out, and haven’t even relapsed


So in short, you did not check in time. If you forget to check in two times in a row, you get kicked out. Be more attentive next time!
If it is your first war, you might ask @PierceFranklin if he can do something…

Cheers, keep fighting!


It’s the same thing for me. I didn’t relapse but forgot for two days to check in since I was not at my place but rather with my brother to help him get through a hard time. I would like to continue to be in the war because it was helping me with my semen retention which I’m still 100% in. If I can continue the war I will put reminders in my google calendar to check in every day.


Sorry to hear that. True that when we have a lot of things going on, we might forget checking in. Especially when the internet connection is bad … Well, you might also contact Pierce.
But be aware, fighting a war is a commitment. Good idea to set your calendar to don’t forget check-ins. Don’t give up!