Yo, I'm new to conquered-self, where do I post my progress, or check in rather?




@Dawid218 Peace and success. Day 12.


Day 13.


Admit defeat, to get back on your feet. Even though I relapsed I don’t feel as bad as I usually do. I will overcome this demon. The streak comes to an end, marking the the beginning of my journey, this time the last I repeat those words.


Honesty and truth have made you a winner! Get back in the fight!


Bro I was like this guys on track - he got it, and you still do 100 - this gives me an op to get on track myself. Day 1 - for me it is not P but rather T for text so no TMO or SMO. I ain’t never going back - it’s too easy togo back. Just wrote that - too easy togo back. Think about that for a min - who wants to take the easy road. Like Jordan Pedersen said it is the easy way out to PMO or TMO in my case. Dunwidit!

Anyway since another “war” doesn’t start until 20 days imma start this off the right way. I’m done w this

Day 1. 7pm 06.05.2021 will check in tomorrow around same time.


So a forum post will do? Anything else I can do to check-in?


How were those 2 weeks? Pretty good? Anything you notice stand out? Less awkward and ish? That’s what I find


@NewLife. 2 great weeks, happiness of that sort is rare, but I’m ready to continue on that path.


I won’t be on the internet for the rest of the week. till next time


Had a person over on Monday - considering it a relapse.

Going strong , no nothing since - day 3.

Stay with it @Dawid218 @bulAsel

Sounds like it is treating you well! Day 4 tomorrow and will be on 5 going into the weekend! Lets go!!

@bulAsel hope you roll back you have helped!


Day 1.


Day 2 now for me - we got this, this time


Really want this war to start soon - day 2 been taking too long and the difficult days for me are 3 and 4. Bah


@NewLife You got this, trust me. Day 2


Day 3


Late check in. Vacation w/ the family


Day 4


Vacation probably helping. Need todo the same - day 3 for me day 4 tomorrow.

Everything in the universe been telling me to abstain form all sexual anything so going to listen.

Stay strong you got this too man


Day 5