Yo, I'm new to conquered-self, where do I post my progress, or check in rather?


Please do assist!


@bulAsel if you have not been helped, here goes my experience. I enrolled for the most recent quest in late April, only to be removed from the campaign for not checking in. I also was uninformed as how to progress or check in. Since then I have re-enlisted and believe my daily activity (forum activity, Kia check in, etc) all count for “check in” As I have not been Mia or killed in action since then. Peace and success.


Day 1. Pray for me,


@bulAsel Don’t hurt yourself any longer, get back in the fight. Today is day one, if guilt wins, day two will be its spoil. You will win, one day at a time soldier. Prayed for and success


I appreciate it@Dawid218. Day 2.


Praying for your day 3 post- victory is yours @bulAsel


Day 3, Feeling Good. @Dawid218 you the best Lord.


@bulAsel preemption is your best strategy. Focus time now, channel the raw energy that is formulating into goals and necessary transformation. The time is now, The Creator is certainly the best!
Peace and success.


Day 4.


@Dawid218, Preemption meaning?


Preemptive meaning what strategy you use to overcome. Combat triggers and activity that cause you to PMO such as journaling, meditating, emotional inventory etc.


Noted @Dawid218. Day 5. Feeling strong


Day 6.


Day 7. The furthest I’ve been a long time, in fact my record equaling feat. Proud of myself. Peace to ALLAH, blessed be his name.


@bulAsel Peace and success.


DAY 8. New best!


Your patience will deliver clearer discernment each day you choose to resist PMO. Peace and success.


Day 9. @Dawid218 peace and success, indeed


Day 10.


Day 11, I’m never going back. :money_mouth_face: