Everything you need to start!



welcome to the battlefield. We are here to fight together this enemy. If you have any questions, read: https://www.conqueredself.com/about and So what is it all about? (FAQ to the war)

Be aware: this battle we fight is a hard one. No one will survive if he stays alone. So: stay connected, share your battles and your victories. Stay engaged on the CS-site, and here in the forum you’ll find good resources, stay connected by chat apps!
Conquered Self Support Chat
Conquered Self Lounge
Conquered Self Fire Empire Chat
Conquered Self Water Empire Chat

There are also different barrack chats, and a christian believers chats, ask me for these one or check your barrack.

And last but not least, the Discord Server with empire and barrack chats, a lounge and emergency line!

Now you don’t have any more excuses! Go fight!