Everything you need to start!



welcome to the battlefield. We are here to fight together this enemy. If you have any questions, read: https://www.conqueredself.com/about and So what is it all about? (FAQ to the war)

Be aware: this battle we fight is a hard one. No one will survive if he stays alone. So: stay connected, share your battles and your victories. Stay engaged on the CS-site, and here in the forum you’ll find good resources, stay connected by chat apps!
NoPMO Support Chat
Conquered Self Lounge

There are also different barrack chats, and a christian believers chats, ask me for these one or check your barrack.

And last but not least, the Discord Server with empire and barrack chats, a lounge and emergency line!

Now you don’t have any more excuses! Go fight!

SOOO... There were Hackers, and now my war has been postponed by 80 days

where can i find christian believers chats ?


I’ve sent you a pm.


Could you also send me one


I just saw the the Lounge link was broken, I fixed it.