SOOO... There were Hackers, and now my war has been postponed by 80 days


Now don’t get me wrong, I love conquered self, I even got to 21 days noPMO with it, I mean it has helped me immensely, I’m just making two complaints based on how the site itself is functioning. But again, I love what this website does for girls and guys to help them win.

Okay, so for the last two weeks, I could’t even get onto this website, because it said that Hackers were trying to get my information. So first off, that was very alarming. Is my information going to be okay, will I get hacked in the next few weeks? Should I be worried? Did this happen to anyone else? And then, when I was finally able to get back on this website today, my war, which was set to start in March, is now starting in 75 days. So I am really PO’ed right now, and I just want an answer to why that happened, because it shouldn’t.


The hacker warning was because the website had a registered certificate that expired. So to my knowledge there was no hack and no data lost. It’s like renewing a license that had expired.

Why the postponement? I can’t speak for the site, but believe it’s to have enough participants so the drop offs don’t leave too few remaining later in the war. I personally don’t agree with that approach but understand the thinking. I think wars should stay on schedule and allow people some way to join in-between, even if it’s a separate category of a trainee warrior or something. That way the site could still get paid participants.

Pushing out wars right before they start, while well intentioned, I believe backfires, and is a key reason that so many people “drop off” the first 3 days (they abandoned waiting and never really started the war but are reflected in the counts until they go KIA from not checking in).

I also appreciate the hard work and dedication of the site. But having limited start dates and all/nothing KIA is difficult, given that overcoming PMO may take many attempts and practice. Good luck!


Hi @tippytyler2,
vikingfire answered you already for the “hacker” thing. Nothing to worry about.

And yes, the postponing is not easy. But since the war takes 50 days, better wait for some more people to sign up, since you can’t hop on during war. We could help by promoting the site!

Meanwhile, you may check the Heirs Academy, and of course the Conquered Self Chats. This might be a good help for the boot camp! :muscle: